What goes into my work

My work always seems to be evolving. I don't know if it's because I love the challenge of pushing the creative energy or just that there are so many ideas rattling in my head there isn't enough time left in life to get it all out into the world. One thing I never do is work when I'm not in a good space. I don't like the negative energy seeping into my work. Besides the creativity gets blocked and I end up running in circles and am never happy with how pieces are coming together. 
When I get into the trance state is the best place to be since that's when I create pieces that surprise me in a pleasant way. When I'm in that state I feel like I'm just the grunt putting the pieces together and some outside energy is telling me what to do. Does that mean the work isn't really mine? I question that at times but it also seems to be part of the process of my letting go and letting the pieces fall into place without effort. As I grow more into having the energy from the other side help me create I'm finding myself asking for it and wanting its help. That doesn't mean it happens every time but it's always a great day when it does. Always looking forward to that trance kind of day.
I have a lot of pieces that are in the process. Some panels that have been started but they sit there waiting to be finished. I had one that I had done the background on a few months ago. It has been sitting for some time but earlier this week I started getting the nudge of finishing it. There was no planning involved but just slowly adding and taking things away to see what works and by the end of the day the piece was finished. And that made it a great blessed trance day.



There are a lot of steps that goes into making a piece. One of the first things I do is get my art supplies ready. In my eco-printing process I take plants and rusty bits to do mark making by seaming them. Each print does it's own unique thing and that's what's so amazing about the process. The other thing I love about it is that it's working with nature. 


After the rolled up bundles have steam and cooled they are ready to be revealed to see what imprints they've made. 

There's always a pleasent surprise when unwrapping them as you can see above. The plants and rust have all made their own markings on the silk. Now they just have to be washed to get all the debre out and after drying they are ready be used. The piece that I was working on has this added in two places. They are both stredded wrapped. One is wrapped around the piece of drift wood and the other is wrapped in the bundle that has horse hair. It seems like an unneeded step in the process but it's about recycling and repurposing material. Destroying one to be sacrificed and given rebirth into an new piece. It's like the cycle of life and how always moving forward. Each bundle is always blessed to honor and protect the home of its new owner. The story behind the bundling is here



Getting an idea on where to place everything on the inset panel.

Adding some color to the woven rocks and the drift wood. I wanted to do something that honored and acknowledged weaving without being blunt by adding a rug. So when I learned the technique of weaving with river rocks that was perfect to represent rug weaving. Sometimes they become part of the composition by becoming stands for the bundles to sit on or more decorative elements. It's also a nod to my mother who use to be a weaver growing up. She made purses to sell and feed the family. I was her little helper in getting the materials ready for the loom.


Playing with the composition to see what color of horse hair to wrap with the bundle and how long it's going to be.


Looking In I Discover Peace - 12 x 24 x 3 1/4 - Encaustic and mixed media on inset wood panel.

The finished piece after half a year in the making. Each piece has it's on journey and each one grows at it's own pace.


On the Calendar:

May 5 - 6, 2018

I'll be vending at the BERNALILLO INDIAN ARTS FESTIVAL "TEEPEE CELEBRATION" 2018  .  Come by if you're in the area I'll be raffling off a small painting and mention this blog to get a 20% discount on a painting.
On May 12, 2018 I'll be doing an eco-printing demonstration at Plein Goods Gallery in Durango from 11 am - 3 pm. Index 


June 21 - 22, 2018

I'll be teaching a workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico on eco-printing and incorporating it with wax on these two days at the Encaustic Art Institutute. On day one we're going to be making 3 eco-prints on silk and on the second day the students are going to make two pieces using the eco-prints. If you like getting your hands dirty and working with nature this is something that can be added to your art making process.